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The case of postoperative strangulated diaphragmatic hernia with the symptoms of ischemia of the anterior stomach wall 


Stanislav I. Stolyarov, Assistant of the sub-department of surgical diseases, Chuvash State University (45 Moskovskiy avenue, Cheboksary, Russia); thoracic surgeon, Republican Clinical Hospital (9 Moskovskiy avenue, Cheboksary, Russia), E-mail:
Aleksandr N. Belyaev, Doctor of medical sciences, professor, head of the sub-department of general surgery named after N.I. Atyasov, Medical Institute, Ogarev Mordovia State University (68 Bolshevistskaya street, Saransk, Russia), E-mail:
Nikolay A. Mizurov, Candidate of medical sciences, associate professor of the sub-department of surgical diseases, Chuvash State University (45 Moskovskiy avenue, Cheboksary, Russia), E-mail:
Andrey V. Ivanov, Thoracic surgeon of the pulmonary-surgical department, Republican Tuberculosis Dispensary (4V Pirogova street Cheboksary, Russia), E-mail:
Aleksey A. Malov, Candidate of medical sciences, thoracic surgeon, head of the pulmonary-surgical tuberculosis department, Republican Tuberculosis Dispensary (4V Pirogova street Cheboksary, Russia), E-mail: 

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Background. Posttraumatic strangulated diaphragmatic hernias are characterized by the complexity of diagnosis and a significant number of diagnostic errors, which are fraught with severe complications, up to a fatal outcome. Materials and methods. This article presents a rare clinical case of strangulated traumatic diaphragmatic hernia in the early postoperative period after surgery on the left lung, complicated by ischemia of the anterior stomach wall. An atypical clinical picture associated with an operating trauma for the underlying disease caused difficulties in making a diagnosis. Results and conclusions. A comprehensive examination using computed tomography made it possible to diagnose a postoperative complication and conduct adequate surgical intervention from thoracic and laparotomic approaches. 

Key words

strangulated diaphragmatic hernia, stomach, iatrogenic injuries, thoracotomy, laparotomy 

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